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Henderson Trust’s Get Set provides activities and trips for young people aged between 10-16 years old during the school holidays.

All Get Set activities begin at “Retro”, the youth hub at Cadge Road Community Centre. There’s an arcade machine, jukebox, laptops and much more. We’ve also got a PlayStation 4 and a Nintendo Switch that can be used at any time during activities.

This spring we are able to deliver five activities for young people which include trips to Quasar, Norfolk Snowsports, Norwich VR and High Altitude as well as a Scavenger Hunt at Cadge Road Community Centre. A huge thanks to Big Norfolk Holiday Fun for the funding that allowed these activities to be free of charge for those benefiting from Free School Meals. There are additional spaces that have been made available for non-Free School Meal children which has been funded by Henderson Trust.

We also deliver regular Youth Clubs at Retro which take place every Monday after school for 10-16 year olds.

If you’re interested in booking onto our spring programme, please fill in a form.

For any questions or more information about Get Set activities and clubs please contact Miggy.

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