Cadge Road Community Centre

Cadge Road Community Centre is a popular community centre in the west of Norwich, managed by Henderson Trust.

The centre has a large main hall for hire with access to a semi-commercial kitchen and toilet and baby-changing facilities. The centre has a large garden area and free parking.

Although the centre is not available for private hire (parties etc), we welcome enquiries from individuals and groups who want to deliver activities or services in the area.

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For more information or bookings call 07708 621988 or email

Cadge Road Community Centre is very busy with lots of activities and groups. Take a look at some of what’s going on……

Craft Connections. An informal arts and craft group at Cadge Road Community Centre on Thursdays 10-12 for women aged 18 years and over. No experience needed. Craft Connections Page.


OPT In for the over 50’s.  An easy-going social group at Cadge Road Community Centre on Thursdays 1-4pm. Regular trips out. OPT In Page.


 A beginners I.T. group at Cadge Road Community Centre on Mondays 9.30-11.30am and 12-2pm.


Girls Group. A small, friendly group for girls aged 10-16 years, meeting fortnightly on Mondays 4.30-6pm at Cadge Road Community Centre.


Youth Club. Meeting fortnightly on Mondays 4.30-6pm at Cadge Road Community Centre for anyone aged 10-16 years.


All sessions are free but need to be booked as places are limited.

For Craft Connections and Opt In contact Sally on 07932 589068 or

For Girls Group and Youth Club contact Miggy on 07535 476004 or


NR5 Community Hub deliver lots of activities for families and young people in the area. Generally on Fridays and Saturdays. Check their Facebook page for more information.

Earlham Slimming World meets at Cadge Road Community Centre every Wednesday at 09:00 and at 10:30. This group is led by Paula who can be contacted 07961 046619.

Silver Diners is a club for adults of all ages who want to meet, chat and have a meal. The group meets on Tuesdays and has a Facebook page for more information.

Cadge Road Community Centre is now open again…

The centre had been shut during January to allow roof repairs to be undertaken but the repairs have now been completed and this means the centre can open its doors once more.

There is a growing programme of activities being delivered at the centre – some provided by
Henderson Trust and some provided by other groups. Henderson Trust activities include
youth activities and food in the school holidays, a youth drop in, a group for young girls, an
I.T. and social group for older people, craft groups both for older people and adults and a
yoga group.

Many of these activities are free to attend for the local community and more
information can be found on our website or by contacting us by
email on


Please be aware that Cadge Road Community Centre will be closed from 4th January until 18th February 2022. This is to allow roofing works to be undertaken. During this time the building will not be accessible and a security fence will be put up to protect the building.

It is important that user groups take any equipment, materials or belongings that they may need out of the building before 4th January as this may not be possible after that time.

Henderson Trust apologises for the inconvenience this will cause but the very short notice was due to contracting issues which were not in our control.

For more information or to arrange removal of equipment please call 07708 621988 or email

Dear Cadge Road Community Centre User

Following the up-date provided last week there has been a change to national
guidance which may be relevant to some users of Cadge Road Community Centre.

The guidance relates to the use of the community centre for the provision of services to
children and young people. The key part of the changed guidance relates to a recommendation that young people over 11 years (unless exempt) and workers/volunteers delivering services to those young people, wear
face coverings. This is a temporary measure which will be reviewed in three weeks time.

The link to the guidance can be found here:


Cadge Road Community Centre – COVID-19

Hopefully you are all keeping well and enjoying being back at Cadge Road Community
Centre to deliver your activities.

Like the rest of us you may be concerned about the continuing pandemic and especially
recent changes to the requirements regarding social distancing and the wearing of face

The new Government regulations which make it a legal requirement to wear face coverings
(unless exempt) in certain situations do not apply to the use of community centres. However
all user groups are encouraged to use their own discretion with regard to aspects of social
distancing, including wearing face coverings.

A link to the current national guidelines is here:

And a summary of the most relevant parts of the government guidance is here:

 Understand the risk – COVID remains a risk and the risk is higher in certain places
 Keep yourself and others safe – there are easy and effective ways of increasing your safety
 Get vaccinated – if you have not received the COVID vaccine you should get vaccinated
 Let fresh air in – the more fresh air you let in, the better it will be
 Wear a face covering – especially in crowded and enclosed spaces
 Get tested and self-isolate if required – if you develop symptoms, self-isolate and get
tested as soon as possible

For more information or bookings call 07708 621988 or email

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