Creative Writing Competition

March 2, 2021

Children’s creative writing competition…

Are you aware of ‘The Bowthorpe Sentinel?’ A tall robot like piece of industrial equipment that can be seen from Chapel Break Road. “Who or what is, ‘The Bowthorpe Sentinal?’ It appears to be a tall robot like figure in the middle of Bowthorpe. What does it do? Why is it there? What adventures does it have? Does it have a name?


Hello to ALL,

Driving, or at times walking or jogging along Chapel Break Road Bowthorpe, my attention has been drawn to a huge piece of machinery at the back of Thompson’s Packaging. In autumn and winter when the trees are bare it is most visible and resembles a huge silver and blue robot. I’ve come to think of it as, ‘The Bowthorpe Sentinal,’ a guardian. It often makes me ask (its industrial purpose aside) what, or even who it is, what does it do. It reminds me of Richard Hughes Iron Man, or even Roald Dahl’s BFG. It deserves to be written about.


Click the link below to a short clip about the Bowthorpe Sentinel.


As a local Councillor (also as a teacher by profession), we have been discussing a writing project, a covid buster if you like, open to local children. The idea is to provide a motivational reason to think and write creatively. You may be familiar with BBC Radio 2 and their 500 words or less children’s writing competition. This is something on a smaller scale and ‘The Bowthorpe Sentinel,’ seems the ideal starting point or stimulus.

We are hoping that through their writing children will be able to say who or what the Sentinel is, what it does… perhaps it is a protector, a guardian for Bowthorpe? What is it’s name? What adventures does it have? Think in terms of Richard Hughes, ‘The Iron Man,’ or Roald Dahl’s, ‘BFG.’

Our writing competition outline is this:

For Children

To children in first, junior and primary schools.

This is intended to be an activity for fun and enjoyment, with three prizes of equal value in each of the three cohorts.

Write and tell us about it:

Upper KS2                        upto 500 words

Lower KS2                         upto 300 words

Reception KS1                  An illustrative piece and or a shorter piece of writing

Your entry can be handwritten, as neatly as you can, or typed on A4 size paper. Illustrative pieces can be on A4 or A3 size paper.

Completed entries must be received by 22nd of March.

Note to parents and caregivers…

The intention is to make this an activity  to break the Covid ‘gloom’ of ‘lockdown’  breaking activity and to help both parents and schools, which is why we want to launch a writing competition for children. Children attending school or home schooled are welcome to take part.

We ask that parents and caregivers attach a dated note attesting that the work has been completed by the named child.

Include the name and age of your child and the cohort in which they submit their work (R-KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2) and a contact address.

Entries may be sent direct to Cllrs and Teachers Mike and Sue Sands, 19C The Swale, Norwich NR5 9HE

Or, to Cllrs Mike and Sue Sands and Sally Button, Care of, Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peter’s Street, Norwich, NR2 1NH.


Mike Sands