Open Space Meeting

December 5, 2022

Open Space Meeting – Thursday 15 December at Waterloo Park – see below for more information.


Developing an ‘Ethical Framework’ – Norfolk Adult Social Care

Please come and join this open honest conversation about what it is like to work in or do business with social care in Norfolk.

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About this event

· 2 hours 30 minutes


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What is commissioning?


Commissioning is how the council decides what social care services are needed by people.


Doing this in a way that is ethical means


– the council and providers of care and support see people as unique. individuals with hopes, dreams and aspirations.

– The councils pays for services based on things that matter most to people.

– Staff are paid fairly and treated well.

– Services are personal and local.

– Services are designed with people who draw on care and support.

– Make things better when they are not working for people.


This zoom meeting is for people to talk about


· How care and support in Norfolk can get better?

· What people think the council needs to do to make care and support better?

· How people who access services can work with the council to make decisions about the care and support available. (Co-production)

· How the council spends money on services in the future.

· How we can make people a place where people want to work in social care.

· How do we make sure people receive great support and care that is right for them?


This will help us to know

– What is working well for people now

– What needs to change





If you cant join the session in December, we will be doing it again in January.


Or if you prefer to chat with one of us or want to know more please email



The session is being hosted and facilitated by Curators of Change.

Isaac Samuels

Kate Sibthorp

Cat Duncan-Rees

Naomi Davies

We all bring our own experiences of being supported by and/or working in social care.


We want people to be able to live their best lives. We do this by working with people and organisations who want to change the way they do things “so we can all live in a place we call home, with the people and things we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing what matters to us!” (Social Care Futures)